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Friday, 30 December 2011


Yes - I am still here. I've gone quiet as in between bouts of busyness at work, and aside from glutony, alcoholism and mediating between bickering offspring during the festive period, I've done feck all.

Apologies to anyone on my e-mail circ who received an inbox full of junk mail this morning. Some complete bastard fuckwit hacked into my hotmail account. Not sure how that happened as my home PC is fully protected (and always has been). Maybe my work PC antivirus/security stuff has not been updated over Christmas.

My password was not weak (though maybe not the strongest) with numbers and letters and not including an everyday word, but my biggest sin is using the same password for most on-line stuff (lazy, makes it easy to remember) and never changing it. Most worrying was any potential risk to on-line banking etc. Needless to say I spent time this morning changing passwords. Hopefully sorted now - we'll see.

There's every chance I may even get out some time in January ......

Hopefully going down to the smoke tomorrow for a family day out, so before I go I'll wish everyone a Happy New Bird/Moth/Stuff filled Year.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Ho ho ho ....

... my arse.

Been so busy lately I'm disappearing up my ample backside - workwise in the week and kidswise at the weekends. And then to top it all, I turn my back for a couple of weeks and it's nearly Christmas. The whisky stash has been taking a hit in the evenings recently to keen me calm or comatose inbetween.

Photos, getting out and seeing things - if only.