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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Fly / Moss

Trying to sort out a few photos this evening (my digital archive is still absolutely hopeless) including a load still on the card from this January. I noted a couple of mosses that I thought I'd post, and also some mines on Holly that I knew were Dipterous but had forgotten to check. A quick squint at the British Leafminers website made this one of the easiest leaf-mines I've ever looked at - as only one species mines on Holly.

Phytozoma ilicis - tenanted mines

Here's the mosses (feel free to laugh and point out my ID errors if necessary) ..

Grey-cushioned Grimmia

Wall Screw-moss


Stewart said...

Cheers Mark, I've seen all those and forgot to add them to my lists!

Skev said...

Here to help Stewart ;-)