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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Narborough Bog 21/05/2010

First of two posts this evening.

I nipped over to Narborough Bog yesterday late afternoon with Nichola and the boys for a mooch about with the net. It was a bit quiet though, plenty of Micropterix calthella on buttercups, a few Adela rufimitrella and Bactra lancealana, plus Green and Common Carpets, but nothing else.

Micropterix calthella - I had the wrong camera with me but you get the gist

Narborough Bog is also a good site for general wildflowers and fungi - not that I am any good at identifying most of them. Here's a few I think I do know - let me know if I'm wrong!

Yellow Archangel

Red Campion

Ground Ivy


Anyone got any idea what this strange foamy-looking fungi is?

I was a bit disappointed with the general lack of moths, and despite the warm sunny days we've had I only saw 1 teneral and 1 adult 'blue' damselfly (I really couldn't be arsed to grill it for an ID). Still, a pleasant couple of hours away from the masses and man-made noise. Aside from the M1 trundling past. And the railway line of course ...


Anonymous said...

Mark, the fungi looks like Chicken of the Woods.

Skev said...

Thanks Dean. These fungi have some bloody bizarre vernacular names!