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Tuesday, 11 May 2010


No posting as, well, nothing to post about. A busy weekend involved no birding, no mothing, and (despite an afternoon at the Walkers Stadium on Sunday) no football.

The traps have either been off or virtually empty (4 moths of 2 species on Sunday night).

In fact the only solace came this evening, when I spent a very relaxing and therapeutic hour in hawthorn, rowan and bird-cherry searching for larvae (like a big fat Blue Tit). I've got a couple of boxes of larvae and coleophorids to watch and rear. Some are even identifiable, including Tracycera advenella, Coleophora anatipennella and Bird-cherry Ermine. I'll get a few shots in due course.


Bennyboymothman said...

Crap ain't it Mark.
Ice on the car winscreen this morning and tonight it is currently 1.2c!
It's such a shame as NMN is only on saturday!

Skev said...

Sadly, shite weather coincident with NMN has been a almost annual feature for the last ten years - that's irrespective of time of year, and even the two-night approach last year was not the best conditions.