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Thursday, 17 April 2008

Watermead CP South - 17/04/2008

Another brief post-work visit. The female Scaup is still knocking about with Tufteds and hankering after bready-meals.

Resplendent in full breeding plumage ....

Actually a fairly ugly duck.

Amongst the Tufteds was at least one female showing Scaup-like white loral patches, but to be honest you'd have to be a complete f.wit to have to scrutinise the bill pattern to separate from Scaup - they are structurally nothing like!

Nothing like a female Scaup.

When ducks have bad hair days.

I was hoping to pick up a few more warblers and House Martin, but aside from 3 singing Blackcaps I failed on both counts.

I like Blackcaps.

Just before leaving, the Mallards launched into one of their raucous gang-rape episodes. Bloody typical! I'd left the camera on manual focus mode. Rather than missing the whole sordid affair I carried on shooting anyway so not sharp but you get the gist. Started off with 2 drakes, ended with definitely 8 but could have been more involved. You'd think the female would drown but she eventually broke free and flew off with 3 drakes in pursuit.

Heavy pecking.

Shes going down.

Eight up.

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