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Sunday, 27 April 2008

This week, I have mostly been listening to

Another i-pod full of early 80s synth pop and suchlike, must be a mid-life crisis or something but I keep going back to my earliest musical memories. The tracks include some excellent early stuff by Ultravox long before Midge Urine became best pals with Sir Bob: These early 80s videos are the definition of pretentious, but this track in particular is great with that throbbing analogue bassline. Also on the playlist is Vince 'I can't stand the fame' Clarke with Alison 'should have done opera' Moyett, or Yazoo if you prefer: A band that I thoroughly liked for a long while, before they released the likes of 'Alive and Kicking' and 'Waterfront', was Simple Minds. I like the very early stuff, but the later New Gold Dream album was a favourite then and now: In fact, the whole listening experience has been so enjoyable I'm leaving it on for another week or so.


The Drunkbirder said...

Leigh absolutely hates Simple Minds whilst, like you, I think they were brilliant up to a point.
Their biggest crime though has to be Belfast Child... sub U" pompous shite!

The Drunkbirder said...

That should have read sub U2 pompous shite... shite!

Skev said...

To be honest, I think everything after New Gold Dream was poor to shite, but you are right that Belfast Child was fucking awful in so many ways.
Don't start me off on U2! Again the early stuff was great - Sunday Bloody Sunday, I Will Follow, etc. Then Bone-on decides he is actually God and they disappear up their own arses. I'll confess that I've started to like some of their later stuff retrospectively, but there is still a lot of horse-shit in their back-catalogue.