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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Garden Birds - Blackbird 20/04/2008 - 26/04/2008

We have a pair of Blackbirds nesting in the garden at the moment. They have chosen a low scrubby conifer, and the nest is only about 4 ft off the ground and 1ft from the fence. The conifer is shrouded by a straggly honeysuckle. Blackbirds have tried to nest in the same bush before. Trouble is that the nest is very close to the guinea pig hutch and the rotary washing line, so if they are particularly jumpy then they'll be disturbed.
I noticed the pair casing out the bush a couple of weeks ago, but only noted definite activity last Sunday when the female was regularly visiting with nesting material with the male looking on.

Female with gobfull of twigs in amongst the honeysuckle.

Like all domestic chores, nest-building is a spectator sport for males.

The nest was complete by Thursday evening, and last evening there was a single egg. This morning there are two eggs, but I don't think the clutch is complete. The female keeps leaving for fairly long periods - presumably still feeding up and not yet brooding the eggs.

Impending family.

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