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Sunday, 27 April 2008

Life in the garden - 27/04/2008

This weekend has seen some excellent warm weather, and not surprisingly a few more things have started to appear:

Noticed the first wasps of the year this weekend, presume they are Common Wasp. This one is feeding on spurge pollen.

Our cherry blossom tree is, well, blossoming. To be honest, I personally don't like the pale pink blossom on our tree and would prefer a white-blossoming plum or apple. However, this tree has hosted a fair few breeding moths so I definitely like the tree itself.

The moth trap attracts all manner of invertebrates, which I generally ignore. This weekend brought the first proper crane-flies in. I hate these leggy twats - only good thing about them is that the larvae make excellent Starling and Rook food!

The fine weather was brought to an abrupt halt late this afternoon though when the skies darkened and a monsoon-like spell of torrential rain commenced. Our garden has poor drainage at the best of times, and is often boggy to say the least in the winter, but tonight we have a new pond.

No personalised flood warnings from the Environment Agency, bastards!

As usual around this time of year, heavy rain sparks a mass exodus of frogs from the neighbouring garden pond into our garden and beyond. They make a mad dash across the lawn and seem to disappear for a few weeks, then gradually start returning to sit by the moth trap all night getting fat.

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