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Monday, 25 March 2019

Classic Brindled

Another nice day here in the middle of the midlands. One that I've not been able to make the most of for one reason or another.

Not much in the trap last night, but this was NFY ....

Brindled Pug - 24/03/2019

The passing of Scott Walker reminded me of another occasional theme I used to post about, and this certainly is a classic track.

I discovered that you can add little feedback buttons at the bottom of posts, so I've added some. If you don't feel the need or inclination to comment, you can let me know what you thought with these. You may be able to click multiple buttons, I have no idea.


Gibster said...

Oooh, so the buttons work. Many thanks for allowing me the opportunity to click 'Boring Shite' - been wanting to do that (on other blogs, obvs) for years and years!

Skev said...

Cheers Seth, this should give me a chance to objectively assess reader views and consider my future posts more carefully. And then post whatever I like regardless :-)