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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Soldier, Soldier

Nipped back over to Huncote Embankment today for a very quick visit during one of the longer dry spells. Lighting was either too bright or too dull, and there was a constant breeze, so the most interesting things got potted up for later shots or recorded without. Best thing today for me was my first (at least in the sense of recognising and recording) soldier fly. This one ...

Common Green Colonel

I also found this weevil on Oxeye Daisy, but it was a bugger to get a shot of with it's annoying habit of moving and flying off.

Microplontus campestris

I also found some small beetles that are a very odd shape, maybe a Mordella/Tomoxia sp. to be checked out. Also some Hop Trefoil which I didn't get a good shot of.

Finally, the liverwort in th garden has some into 'fruit' with it's reproductive gametophores ....

Marchantia polymorpha


Mark G. Telfer said...

I also saw Microplontus campestris last week, on Oxeye Daisy: Nationally Scarce (Nb).

If your odd beetles have a long pointed tail, they will be mordellids. But if not, they will probably be Anaspis.

Skev said...

Yes Mark - long pointy tail and has a slightly 'hunchbacked' appearance. I've not managed to get any good shots as yet but will upload something later.

Anonymous said...

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