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Friday, 21 March 2008

Weekend away and Easter

We are having a family break at the Longleat CentreParc over the weekend, joining up with Nichola's family to celebrate her 40th and her sister's 30th. The car is loaded up with cameras, bins and beer, but apparently - on pain of death - I need to pack some swimming gear and the bikes. Looking forward to it really, the kids have a great time in the big indoor pool complex and we're doing a few outdoor pursuit type activities aswell. Hopefully the park will be free of god-botherers wittering on about some resurrection and a touring shrewd whatever the fuck that is. I don't know why these wankers have to have a special Palm Sunday either - I'm sure they are at it every day of the week. I do hope that there really is some sort of re-incarnation though, as long as there is a choice. I want to come back as a Swedish donkey in the 1970s.

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