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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Carmunication let me down ....

.... as Spandau Ballet once sang.
My new car arrived at the plant on Monday, and naturally I was keen to go out to view it and sign the paperwork. As I approached the temp. car park at the far side of the plant I started to get an uneasy feeling as I could see the car head-on. It was the right colour, but no sign of the hoped-for roof rails yet there were unexpected front fog lights. As I got a bit nearer there was a more fundamental difference between the as-ordered and as-delivered:

Expected Estate - note the big square shape at the rear.

Delivered Hatch - note the slopey window thing at the back.

Christ - it's not hard is it! In fairness, whilst completely the wrong shape it has the correct engine and is a higher spec. trim level. Still nice to have a new car with delivery mileage only - plus I get to have that experience again in 6 - 8 weeks when the right car turns up. Just aswell the mothing season won't be fully underway before I get it - I should be able to get a fair bit in the boot of the hatch though in the meantime.


The Drunkbirder said...

You're lucky, I had to have a Toyota AYGO as a courtesy car for the last two days. It was no courtesy to me I have to say more like a two fingers.
Wheelie-bins are better designed and I would hazard a guess nicer to drive.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. I do hope the same doesn't happen to me next Thursday :-)