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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

On this day - 19/03/1994

John Hackett and me set off for Colwick CP in neighbouring Notts for a superb drake Bufflehead. We got good scope views but it was a little wary and buggered off to other pools after an hour or so. Back in those pre-pager days I was occasionally driven to write down birdline messages - like this one: "The drake Bufflehead arrived with several Goldeneye on the early afternoon of 17/03/1994. All signs are that it may well be a wild bird; it is wary, keeping well away from the shore, and is fully winged on several occasions flying around. It also appears that it is unringed when observed preening and diving. Scarce in captivity and won't readily breed, expensive (£600 per pair) therefore owners take care. Winters on eastern seaboard of the USA." All previous accepted records at the time were from Feb/March and this one was duly accepted. Nice one.


The Drunkbirder said...

Remember John Hackett wondering why we'd chased of to Bleasby for a 'redhead'? It took him a while to work out why his wife said I sounded so distressed and urged her to repeat the exact message to John on his return from B&Q or somewhere silly.

davidearlgray said...

It was a bloody escape!?, and no it haven't got anything to do with me breaking my ankle at the time, that I didn't see the bird!!!