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Thursday, 13 March 2008


Let's face it, aside from the pleasures of the flesh there's not too much that puts a smile on the face of the average bloke like beer does. Last night saw John 'Camra-man' Hague, Dave 'bottled-lager-boy' Gray, Dave 'make-mine-mild' Mack and myself enjoying the Leicester Beer Festival at the Charotar Patidar Samaj on Bay Street. Not sure how an asian community centre type place came to be the home of this particular festival but it was very good anyway. Although I'm always happy with a pint of something I don't make any claim to be a real ale buff, but I was more than happy to try a few different beers. Time available before the last bus home and work in the morning prevented me from going over the top, but I managed to sample seven beers as follows: 'Fission' from the Atomic Brewery in Rugby - a very nice 3.9 golden ale to start with. 'Rutland Panther' from the Grainstore Brewery in Oakham - an excellent 3.4 dark mild. 'Claridge's Crystal' from Nobby's Brewery in Kettering - a 3.6 light golden ale but a bit too citrussy for my liking. 'Bee Mine' from the St Georges Brewery in Worcester - an okay 4.3 light bitter with a honey twang. 'Beijing Black' from the Potbelly Brewery in Kettering - an excellent 4.4 mild. 'Colorado IPA' from the Red Squirrel Brewery in Hertford - a really good pale and hoppy 5.4 IPA. 'Father Mike's' from the Brunswick Inn Brewery in Derby - best of the night for me, a superb 5.8 dark mild. Food was also on offer, although the recommended 'meatball curry' wasn't to my taste. I'll definitely be putting this festival on the calendar for future years - a really good night with great banter and superb beer, and best of all no (well not too many) wanky chav youths.

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The Drunkbirder said...

In the descriptions of your friends for the evening you could well have described yourself as 'me pilsbury-dough-boy myself.