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Monday, 12 November 2007

H5N1. Again.

Another outbreak, again in Suffolk, again in a poultry farm. What a fucking surprise. Acting Chief Vetinary Officer, Fred Landeg, intimated (as expected) that the risk of the virus spreading is much increased in autumn due to wild bird migration - see:
An alternative view, which suggest that this percieved risk is bollocks, can be found here:
No doubt the NFU will be calling for all wild migratory wildfowl to be culled (along with the Badgers that are clearly the cause of bovine TB). Of course I would wholeheartedly support a selective cull of Canadas, hybrids, ferals and genetically modified Rock Doves - but on the basis that they are vermin rather than H5N1 carriers! Bernard Matthews said 'fuck! first it was that twat Jamie Oliver and now bird flu again - can't a bloke make a decent living from selling mechnically reclaimed battery farmed poultry carcases these days?'. Apparently.

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