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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Bagworth revisited

Took the opportunity today to nip back to Bagworth Heath over lunch. No further sign of the Long-eared Owls (not unexpectedly - they weren't seen on Sunday morning and no reports since) but good to get back in the habit of walking around with bins instead of a net! Excellent close views of c10 Lesser Redpoll in a small mixed finch flock, plus a nice Reed Bunting, a Meadow Pipit and Green Woodpecker. Nothing too exciting but good to see after the prolonged indifference to birding. This site really does look to have some very interesting habitat - it's grown up a fair bit since I first visited in 2000. Must be worth a moth trapping session some time.


russmalin said...

Bugger all to do with LEO's or Bagworth for that matter but having a trawl through your blog and looking at your excellent music tastes (although the missing references to Numan are noted and Party Fears Two is my all time fave. Billy McKenzie RIP. Red Branch ? Would you know a couple of guys called Kev & Liam ?

Skev said...

Hello Russ,

Of course I know Liam & Kev - we were The Red Branch / iNDUSTRiE!

Should say I knew them - haven't been in contact with them for many years - presume you know them then? How/what are they doing?

As for your favourite Numan - I never really got into any of his stuff other than a few of the obvious tracks (I especially like I Die You Die). Don't suppose you were very impressed by The Sugababes bastardisation of Are Friends Electric!