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Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Catch the Pigeon

We have an abundance of pigeons around here. Woodpigeons that is. We have always had much fewer Stock Doves, and Collared Doves are less common then they were a decade ago. Feral Pigeons have never been common around here, unlike in and around the city. Over the years we've been here I have had at least three 'lost' racing pigeons that I can remember hanging around in the garden for a while. At least I am sure that they were racing pigeons on account of their crass stupidity and complete lack of response to an approaching human gesturing at it to feck off.

I've had a day off work today, and this morning I looked into the garden and noted this:

It stayed say there looking gormless whilst I pointed the camera at it. I couldn't see any obvious rings, although it was a bit hunched up. Either way, over an hour later just before I headed off for a relaxing blast around the city to spend money, it was still sat in the same place.

Seems another highly likely racing pigeon. It was gone when I got home in the early afternoon, and I'd like to think that a large female Sparrowhawk was involved ......

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