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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Ticks and Migrants

Okay, I've got behind! I've got a few bits to post about but I'll use this one to catch up on some garden moth news.

First up a completely knackered looking tortrix that isn't actually dead despite appearances! From what's left of it, and from experience of this species, I'm 100% sure that this is a garden tick Cochylis hybridella - one I've been expecting.

Cochylis hybridella
682nd garden moth, 364th micro, 107th tortrix

I thought this one was also a garden tick, but on checking I've had a couple before on 31/05/2008 and 19/06/2013.

Bactra lancealana

And this one, if confirmed, will be a full British tick! From an 80W trap left on the front of the house last night in full view of the neighbours plum tree.

Post-script: Grapholita funebrana - confirmed by gen. det.

Last night also turned out to be good for migrants for a change ......

Scarce Bordered Straw - one of two
Third garden record to light, with singles on 23/09/2006 and 05/09/2009.

Rusty Dot Pearl - again one of two

Dark Sword-grass - second so far this year

Silver Y - not seeing many of these so far this year

And here's some fillers whilst I'm posting.

Gracillaria syringella (name change ....)

Six-striped Rustic

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