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Saturday, 10 November 2012

JAN4 - En fugl fra Norge

JAN4 - A bird from Norway (as the post title says if Google translate can be trusted!):

Back at Watermead CP South this afternoon. This bird was ringed as a 3CY+ adult near to Oslo on 20/04/2010, and it has bounced back and forth between Norway and WCPS ever since. I last saw it at WCPS on 09/03/2012, and it was back in Norway on 29/03/2012. It was first reported back at WCPS on 18/10/2012 and my sighting today is the second so far this winter. 1086km from the ringing site and 935 days (2yrs 6mths 21days).

No other CR gulls noted, but the late and low winter sun made for some nice lighting on the naked gulls.

Rule of thirds, subject looking into the space, err .........

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