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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Ibiza Moths

I saw a few moths whilst over in Ibiza - mostly casual sightings of moths roosting on various walls etc, though I did see a fair few Humming-bird Hawk-moths zipping around. I didn't take the macro conversion lens, so I used the in-built macro zoom in the Lumix to get some record shots. I'd forgotten how noisy and horrible an image you get versus using the lens, but you get the gist. The first two are completely new species for me. Aside from these, I also saw Vestal and Rusty Dot Pearl.

Spanish Carpet

 Compsoptera opacaria

Crimson Speckled

Humming-bird Hawk-moth

Rush Veneer

Beautiful Gothic

Small Dusty Wave

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mark
Kust seen your moths from Ibiza - some new records there according to my lists. Just one correction, Small Dusty Wave doesn't occur on the Balearic Islands, the moth depicted is the very similar-looking Idaea minuscularia. Would it be possible to get the data for the specimens you photographed - plus any others that you might have from the Balearics. Much appreciated. If possible, you can e-mail me at m.honey at