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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Patch Tick

There are number of important and relevant factors involved with keeping and growing a patch list. I'll quickly think of them and see if I am compliant:

1. Define the area that you consider your patch. Check.
2. Preferably, choose an area that has a range of habitats. Check.
3. Keep a list of the birds that you see on the patch. Check.
4. Visit the patch regularly to keep track of what's there and add to the list. Ahh.

And so it is that the area that I laughingly refer to as my patch is neglected for long periods, and there are a few glaring voids on my pathetic patch list. Today though, thanks to a heads-up from the Hooded Birder, I got a patch tick.

No, not the Canada. Always distant, and crap light, but you get the gist.

Aside from the Oycs, a redhead Goosander and 79 Wigeon were the highlights, though not much in the way of water on site.

Click for big - the pool is very low

The River Soar is rapidly turning into a shallow stream.


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