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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

OU - Kinchley Lane

Another gloriously bright and sunny day, perfect for sitting in meetings etc at work .....

When I left it was still very warm and bright, and with still a good three hours or so of daylight left I headed over to Swithland Res, and down the perimeter road - Kinchley Lane (remember where you stood for the Crag Martin). I was there with the intention of mothing, but this is mothing with a difference. No light traps, no netting, no scrutinising tree trunks or foliage - all I needed was my bins to check the tops of these ...

Didn't take too long to pick up the target, busily flitting around in the high birch canopy - Orange Underwing. I picked up c15 altogether, every now and then one would go on a sortie over the road and res but absolutely no chance of netting one and no chance of photographing one at this site.

Also noted was this Common Toad - not the best conditions to be an amphibian out of water in the day although it was scrambling along tight to the shady side of the wall in the leaf-litter.

Haven't see too many butterflies this year so far - mainly due to me being in the wrong place at the wrong time rather than there being none on the wing. This Small Tortoiseshell settled for a few seconds, though annoyingly I had the camera in aperture priority and the image is not sharp across both wings.

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