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Saturday, 22 January 2011


One of my favourite films was on the box during the week (again). Maybe hasn't dated as well as others from the mid 80s, but at the time I thought Highlander was superb. I also thought that all of the sequels and TV spin-offs were absolute shite.

Aside from anything else, some of the scenes filmed on Skye are superb - not least as I've stood on some of the same bits of rock where Connor MacLeod swung his sword about around the Quirang. The Eilean Donan castle also features.

Anyway, the film also reminded me of this aptly-titled superb brief and brash bit of 'music' by Death Breath - Heading for Decapitation. Turn it up and run for cover .....

I guess you can't think of this film either without remembering the great soundtrack by Queen, including this prophetic ballad ....

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