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Sunday, 5 September 2010


Managed to get out late this morning and bag myself a smart county tick in the form of a showy Wryneck - superb. There have been a fair few Wrynecks in VC55 over the years, but only a handful of those have actually been seen by more than the householders of the chosen gardens. 'Twitchable' individuals have been very few and far between.

The new bins were put to good use - excellent views as the bird foraged on the track and a couple of good flight views when it moved on (dog walkers). All was good with one glaring exception - I have got so used to the old DSLR having batteries that last for weeks on end that I neglected to check/charge the new Lumix battery. What an arse! Of course this was not evident until I tried to get some shots - the battery indicator was already flashing red. I decided to switch to video and at least get something - 2 seconds in and the camera unilaterally stopped recording, saved the file and died. A lesson learned!

At least I got something - a pants photo record shot and a very short video ...

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Stewart said...

What a p'er Mark. Wryneck is my all time fave, you just cant get enough of them. Looking at the weather I'm hoping for one this week!