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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Frustrated & Classic Track

I'm so bloody frustrated with the pissy weather that has hit this weekend. After a very busy week at work, giving no chance of doing anything in the few hours between finishing one day and starting the next, the only faint solace I had was that come the weekend I could get out with the traps and enjoy the milder conditions. And then it fecking rains virtually non-stop from Friday afternoon into this evening. Arse.

Whilst I was selfishly moaning about such trivial things as enjoying myself, I was told to get a grip. Got me thinking about another absolute classic track that I'm sure you will agree is completely brilliant ...

Dave Greenfield's legendary keyboard playing is at the fore of this wholly superb track.

So, having moaned like a toddler and then getting a grip - I look forward to a restful activity-filled family holiday in the coming week. I may take a trap if I can fit it in with the bikes etc. Always the chance of some rain-free early morning birding tomorrow and perhaps a garden trap-full tomorrow night before we go away.