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Friday, 26 March 2010

Evolution - Survival of the Fattest

Just back tonight from a great mid-week family break at the Sherwood CenterParcs. I won't dwell on the family holiday bit of it, other than to say we had a great time involving relaxation and exersion in equal measures. I'll post a few pertinent non-family photos and comments tomorrow.

In the meantime though, thought I'd share this observation. Late this afternoon the kids were highly amused to see a Grey Squirrel clamber into a bin Racoon-style to retrieve a just-disposed half-eaten ice-cream (how's that for extreme hyphonation). Got me thinking about our native Reds, all cutesy and innocent with their tufty ears, unable to summon up an immuno-defense to squirrel pox and being overrun but the stronger Greys. Load of bollocks - Reds will happily take on Greys when they come face to face. It can only be that they're just too fecking proud to grab an easy meal and simply starve on principle - it's about time they evolved to compete with the shameless yankee tree-rats on equal terms ........

Do you want a flake in that love?

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