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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Labeling The Point

One thing I have tried to keep up with on this blog is labeling the posts. As it happens, some of the labels are more pertinent than others but what I have tried to do is to create a label by species whenever I've put up a photo.

If you look over there on the right hand side, below the post archive and blog links, there is a great big list of 676 labels. I've had a look through these and roughly categorised them as a bit of a milestone/reference point after a couple of years or so of blogging. There are:

Moth species : 344
Other insect species : 41
Other invertebrate species : 5
Bird species : 98
Mammal species : 7
Reptiles/amphibians/fish species :
6 Plants & flowers : 17

Leicestershire & Rutland sites/reserves/areas : 32
Other sites/reserves/areas : 18
'Tourist attractions' : 8

Moth recording : 5
Listing/twitching : 4

Bands/artists : 50
Comedy/satire/nonsense : 7
Films : 7
Sport : 6

General stuff : 14

There are also 7 labels to regular themes or features (like Listening to, On this day, Life in the garden). Next time you have a few minutes, have a browse through the labels and pull up a post from the archives to see what rubbish I wrote and the associated photos. Remember, only here will you find [Big Black & Bird's-foot Trefoil] [Kasabian & Kestrel] [Skin Moth & Skinny Puppy] next to each other in an alphabetical list.

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