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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Birds, Avatar, Classic Track

First thing I saw out of the window today was the suburban Pheasant back for more feed. It put in a brief appearance on Christmas Day, but not on Boxing Day and then not since we got back from Devon until this morning. It looked entirely out of place sitting on the neighbour's garden wall.

I also took the opportunity to take a walk down Springwell Lane. I was disappointed but unsurprised to find no Yellowhammers and no Grey Partridge. There were 67 Lapwings feeding across two fields though, and I was very pleased to see again a Little Owl near the same tree as last year. Today it was perched low on a fence much further down the hedgerow. The only other notable avian species down the lane was a lone Meadow Pipit calling as it flew into a stubble field that was otherwise devoid of passerines.

Apart from this diversion, the only other birds seen today were regular visitors to the garden feeders and a pair of Grey Wagtails on Whetstone brook when I nipped to the Co-op.

The rest of the day was taken up with a visit to our local Vue Cinema to see the absolute epic that is James Cameron's Avatar.

The film is just over 3 hours long, but the story and imagery is so gripping that it doesn't feel like it. For me at least, this film is outstanding and well worth watching on the big screen in 3D with a pair of daft plastic glasses on.

I haven't posted a Classic Track for a while (great songs that those of us around the 40 years mark will remember fondly and probably have somewhere in our music collection). So, here's one ..

Difford and Tilbrook's songwriting was extraordinarily good, I reckon, and I could have picked one of several Squeeze tracks that are all equally great.

A real Classic Track for my generation - tell me if I'm wrong.

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