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Monday, 24 August 2009

Sugar going sour

Not too much on the sugar last night, just 8 individuals of 5 species: 3 Large Yellow Underwing 2 Common Rustic agg. 1 Mouse Moth 1 Setaceous Hebrew Character 1 White-shouldered House Moth White-shouldered House Moth - small moth, long name My recent sugaring experiences were dampened a little this morning when I noticed that a load of wasps had latched onto the free meal and were on the fence and on the ground immediately below where the sugar drips. I don't mind one or two but 20 - 30 at a time is pushing it when the sugaring spot is right next to the entry/exit to the garden. Drunken Wasps Reminds me that wasps are a clear Mothing Villain - these buggers in the trap will occasionally set about decapitating and eating a load of moths.


Anonymous said...

More scare stories on the BBC about Jaspers today. I don't like Wasps but there's nothing like the BBC Breakfast twats to make things worse is there?

Skev said...

Know what you mean, though I think it's the whole media circus that's complete bollocks.
I wasn't impressed though when one of the little feckers stung me on the back of my neck this afternoon whilst mowing the lawn. I will be seeking retribution.

The Leicester Llama said...

I got stung the other morning whilst going through my garden traps. As with every other time in my life I've been stung (only three or four times that I can remember) I didn't even know the wasp was there, and just brushed at a slight tickle on my back. It's when you can't see the bastards that they tend to sting you, which makes all the 'expert advice' being bandied about in the media recently even more bollocks.