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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Charnwood Lodge 08/08/2009

I ran a couple of traps overnight at Charnwood Lodge on Saturday, around the bomb rocks near to main site entrance. I ran the 250W metal halide and a 125W MV in the hope of picking up early emerging late summer noctuids. No success on that score, but an Angle-striped Sallow was nice, and otherwise there were good numbers of expected species, especially Antler and Dotted Clay. Main highlights though were a Ling Pug (smaller, greyer moorland form of Wormwood Pug), and a couple of Chocolate-tips - new to the site. Total catch was 449 of 63sp. Ling Pug Chocolate-tip Angle-striped Sallow Dotted Clay (greyer form) Antler Moth Rosy Minor Orange Swift (big female)

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