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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Mothing Mate / Mothing Villain, 17/08/2009

Another entirely unscientific and biased view on non-lepidopteran insects that turn up in my garden traps - some of which I like (mates), some of which I don't (villains). A nice one up first - this Oak Bush-cricket was in my actinic trap this morning, and very nice too seeing as it was a garden tick (not that I maintain a garden Orthoptera list, though I know off the top of my head that it now stands at three species!). Over the years I have had one or two Speckled Bush-crickets in the traps, and this group is always welcome. Oak Bush-cricket (male) Much less welcome, but much more frequent, is the small dung beetle Aphodius rufipes. These bumbling little twats turn up in numbers in the late summer / autumn. As with many beetles, they are usually infested with colonies of small mites, but the main problem with these is that they often bury into the egg boxes render them useless. Annoying beetle

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