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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Pseudo-birding & NOBS

This afternoon I nipped out with the boys to do some pseudo-birding. As anyone with kids will know, this is where you take them out to somewhere that ostensibly could be interesting bird-wise (like a nature reserve), take your bins and camera (but usually not scope), and then wander around realising that with their lack of patience, fieldcraft and interest you are going to see fuck-all. I'd already anticipated this and therefore avoided what would have been an even more frustrating experience trying to see the juve Monty's that's knocking around Burrough-on-the-Hill. Instead, I entertained myself with a bit of seasonal photography - post to follow. So after a generally birdless amble around Cossington Meadows, we headed home. Going through Kirby Muxloe I was intrigued by a Land Rover with the rear wheel cover bearing a website relating to NOBS. There was a logo with a capped bloke and dog - maybe something to do with 'One Man and His Dog' I thought. Anyway, on checking the said site it was for the National Organisation for Beaters and Pickers-up - ie the hangers on for the shooting and hunting fraternity. Clearly missing a K from their acronym.

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Stewart said...

Dog walking has a similar effect on the birding Mark....