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Monday, 24 August 2009

From the (inlaws) garden trap, 22/08/2009

Back down to North Devon this weekend to pick up the kids - although with Nichola having to work we didn't get going until late on Saturday afternoon and arrived in time to get a couple of traps out. Conditions weren't great - a bit too cool especially with the garden being in a valley with a stream running through. Nothing spectacular in the catch, with the main highlights being a migrant Pearly Underwing and a really smart micro that I currently haven't identified. I'll post more detail tomorrow along with the micro ID. Here's a couple of badly photographed moths - forgot to take the coolight and it was a bit dull and overcast this morning! Pearly Underwing Rosy Rustic - nothing special but this one was relatively fresh Also found a Mothing Mate in the trap - a Forest Bug. Quite like these although the Green Shield Bugs I get in my garden can be annoying when they inexpertly buzz into your face. Forest Bug

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