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Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Seasonal Greetings

Wishing peace, goodwill and a very merry festive season to all who stumble on this blog.

An old snap of hoar-frost artified in Photoshop

This year, like many of you, I will be especially thinking of the hard-working frontline NHS staff, carers and other keyworkers that have kept us all going as far as possible through what has been a ridiculously tough year. I'll also be mindful of the many who have become collateral damage through having their places of work shut-down/wound-up, and of course of the many families tragically hit by either the virus itself or as a consequence of our underfunded and undermanned services. I wasn't expecting to be also thinking about hoards of European hauliers stuck stationary on vast strips of tarmac in Kent with no idea about whether they'll see family on Christmas Day - compounded by being treated to the ultimate in shite hospitality thanks to our fuckwitted Government having no structure or facilities in place for the very thing that may well have been fully expected a week or so later.

We are having our main family meal tomorrow on Christmas Eve, as our daughter (a nurse) will be working a shift at the hospital on Christmas Day. We'll be raising a few glasses in our Covid-compliant bubble, and being more thankful than ever that we are able to enjoy such a meal, with company and in comfort. It's been a shite year for all, but for most of us it could have been so much worse.


Ipin said...

all best wishes Skev!

Skev said...

Cheers Iain. Let's hope we can get some full-stadium experience again in 2021.

Adrian Russell said...

Too true! I hope you have a good Christmas and a 2021 that will provide happier memories.

Steve Gale said...

All the very best to you and yours Skev, and here’s to a much better 2021 in so many ways.

martinf said...

Season's greetings, Skev. Hope you have a better 2021 with some awesome natural history

Skev said...

Cheers all - have a good one yourselves, and let's all look forward to a better year.