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Friday, 11 December 2020

(not so) Sly Fox

I've managed to retrieve my feeders and bird feed thanks to family assistance. Yesterday afternoon, I managed to get the feeders out and also a mesh-tray on the moth-trapping slab with some peanuts and suet pellets. Whilst the feeders keep the finches, tits, Starlings and the odd Robin busy, I usually put some stuff down low which helps to keep the pigeons and Magpies off the feeders. It also helps to give any Squirrels something to go at without trying to defeat the baffle or leap onto the feeders from the fences. Not much activity yesterday as was to be expected, but today has brought a steady procession of feeding visitors including a decent flock of House Sparrows for a change. What I absolutely wasn't expecting was this ....

I've seen very few Foxes around the estate over the years, and I've only seen a couple at home - always on the front garden. When I first noticed this one, I had no camera and the mesh tray was still at least half full. In the two or three minutes it took me to get upstairs, grab a camera and look back out, it had demolished the nuts and suet and was having a lick at a couple of apple slices. I grabbed a couple of quick shots through the kitchen window.

Once it had decided enough was enough, and looked like it might move off, I nipped across and risked opening the patio door thinking it would probably bolt. It did nothing more than stop to look at me - it wasn't in the least bit bothered, giving a chance for a couple of shots without a window in the way.

It's tempting to assume that this is an old individual with the greyness of the fur, but I've got no idea really. It looks healthy enough though, and not the biggest individual. I suspect it will pop up again sometime. Hopefully not presented at the back door by our git of a cat.


Not more than 30mins after clicking publish, I nipped downstairs and the beast was back. Another upstairs/downstairs jaunt for the camera, and it must have noticed or heard movement as I stood at the patio door ....

I imagine from this that it has certainly got used to being fed by someone around here!


colin said...

Hope your doing ok mate and you and the family are staying safe in this shit year. Lovely images Skev, see them quite regular in Glenfield but never had one in the back garden as far as i know.
have a great Christmas and New year.

Skev said...

Cheers Colin, it was a surprise seeing one so tame. It came back a few days later but not seen it again. I'm all good thanks, looking forward to longer warmer days - might even get some birding done. Hope your Christmas and New Year are good too.