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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Seating Arrangements

I was hoping to get out for another bout of square-bashing this evening, but given that I didn't get home from work until well after dark - and in any case it was pissing it down - that was not possible. I have scoured a few squares on the map and identified a couple of likely spots to try out in the next week or so though. Looking at the map, and the associated villages - some of which I do know - I was reminded that big chunks of southern Leicestershire are fairly affluent rural areas. Typical of the type of people that blindly and steadfastly vote in the party that is most likely to promote 'rural affairs' at the expense of environmental and ecological sense. The type that might well want to head out on horseback with, you know, a pack of baying dogs. It's quite depressing really. The Parliamentary seat is now South Leicestershire, previously it was Blaby, and prior to that is was South Leicestershire .... Whatever it is/was called, and whatever the precise boundaries, it has been one of the safest Tory seats for decades (perhaps centuries if I had the will to look). Whetstone where I live is a large suburban area pretty much on the northern edge of the seat. It feels nothing like a model village, most of the time. Until there is some 'national celebration' like when the bunting was out in May. I know at every election that my vote is pretty much irrelevant. I just hope that the growing suburban areas eventually have enough unblinkered people to outweigh the 'rural' population in the seat. But I'm not holding my breath.

The lyrics to this quite excellent track feel relevant. Incidentally the whole album - Ultra Mono - is cracking.

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