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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Bank Robber Robbed

When it comes to Titular matters, I couldn't really give a gnat's wank (thanks Beast) as to who is getting a knighthood etc. However I do think that too many celebrities / personalities are given them for populist reasons rather than for something worthy. When it comes to high flying execs and business leaders, too many recipients get them because they have bought them, and too many are given them in part-exchange like some sordid political bribe. Anyone getting a knighthood for a genuinely meaningful contribution to society and the human race is just lost in the noise, making the whole thing complete bollocks. Some pioneering surgeon is no more recognised than Elton John (maybe the surgeon needs to throw a queeny-paddy and swear aggressively in public to get more noticed).

Having said that, I do think that the current furore about Feddie Bankrobber Goodwin is complete nonsense. He should never have been knighted in the first place, and I don't care one iota about him losing his title (though the process is clearly shambolic and politically motivated). However I would have been much more impressed if this government had the bollocks to actually do something right - like strip him of his disgustingly big pension rather than his meaningless title. But no, he can keep his money and laugh all the way to the bank (the one I part own that he fucked up through financial incompetence). Meanwhile his replacement, Stephen Hester (a dispicable foxhunter), is no doubt in line for a knighthood for his services to refusing disgusting big tax-free bonuses.

Fancy a Knighthood?
Bowie knows the correct answer - NO!

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