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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Patch Tick at Narborough Bog ..

.. of all places. Just over a week ago, I mentioned how this site should be much better for birds than it actually seems to be. This afternoon, in nice bright sunshine after a couple of days of snow, I decided to go back for another walk around. To be honest, for the vast majority of the two hours I was there it was the same-old birdless wander, aside from a Buzzard overhead, a flyover Stock Dove, a panic-stricken Grey Heron and a few Blue and Great Tits. The only exception was a brief moment when I picked up a very welcome patch tick, but it was a bit of déjà vu after last weeks Jack Snipery.

The damp woodland was exceptionally damp and boggy today. I veered off of the main pathway through the wood and made my way through to an area that is normally inaccessible with nettles etc later in the season. I was intending to get close to the River Soar bank and look across to the opposite field. After a couple of minutes scanning, I turned to head back but took a different route. Then it happened - completely unexpected and previously unseen, I'd inadvertently flushed a bird that rapidly shot off from the deck through the trees with very audible whirring wings. Feck - Woodcock! I was instantly elated and disappointed - yet another good bird being seen only as it departed from virtually underneath my foot. Unsurprisingly, there is no photo!

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