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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Chat, Grebe, Pest, Merveille

I had intended to get up and out early this morning and have a mooch around parts of the Soar Valley South patch, however when the alarm went off I found I couldn't be arsed as I felt knackered. I was less than impressed when an hour later I was woken by the phone calling me into work to manage a crisis. Work issues dealt with, I dropped into Grove Park on the way home with every intention of finding a decent chat. I had Black Redstart in mind (site is 100% perfect for this species) but had to make do with a Wheatear instead - still nice.

Though a bit too far away for my poxy lens.

A Red-legged Partridge ran down the main road (these are patently the most stupid species in Britain), and a column of 5 Common Buzzards wheeled overhead, but otherwise it was quiet. not even anything notable on the balancing pool.

On the other side of the road to the Wheatear, it was most disappointing to see that work had actually progressed on the main waste ground which undoubtedly ends future breeding of Little Ringed Plover in the area.

LRP ex-breeding site

I also had a quick look around Jubilee Park on the way home. Again very quiet but I was surprised to find a Little Grebe on the pool. Otherwise a couple of Wigeon, Tufted and Mallard on there.

I then had to be at home to help get it sorted for Isabelle - she's having a few friends over for a sleepover. This means my whole evening will be spent banished upstairs with the boys and Nichola whilst a gaggle of young teenagers take over the kitchen, TV, games consoles and wi-fi. What a facking liberty!

I noticed whilst pretending to hoover that there were a lot of ladybirds congregating on the south-facing windows. Investigation confirmed my suspicions - lots of Harlequins looking for roosting sites. There was c30 all over the rear windows/door at any one time - at least double that and possibly more involved. Their activity only during spells of very bright sunshine - whenever it clouded over they stopped appearing.

Spotty pest

Blotchy pest

I also managed to have a proper go at the Merveille du Jour

Merveille Camo

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Anonymous said...

....and the Pervs are still flying - I got my third of the year this morning.