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Saturday, 26 July 2008

From the garden trap - 23/07/2008

Another good night, and another garden first micro:

Spruce Bud Moth

Total catch 244 of 76sp.
(125W MV 121 of 52sp., 80W actinic 123 of 50sp.)

First for garden:
Spruce Bud Moth (Zeiraphera ratzeburgiana) 1
First for the year in garden:
Caloptilia rufipennella 1
Ypsolopha scabrella 1
Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix (Pandemis heparana) 1
Acleris aspersana 1
Crambus perlella 1
Dioryctria abietella 1
Rivulet (Perizoma affinitata) 1
Maple Pug (Eupithecia inturbata) 1
Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing (Noctua fimbriata) 1
Highest counts:
Large Yellow Underwing (Noctua pronuba) 25
Dark Arches (Apamea monoglypha) 22
Riband Wave (Idaea aversata) 16
Common Rustic agg. (Mesapamea secalis agg.) 12

Dioryctria abietella

Endotricha flammealis

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