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Saturday, 26 July 2008

Froglet - 22/07/2008

We used to have a pond in our garden (it had to go to make way for our extension a few years ago). When we had it, the garden was alive every summer with froglets making their way in the big wide world (or small suburban garden at least). Lawn mowing was a nightmare - we had to do a few dry runs to clear the lawn before cutting in anger. We still get a fair few frogs in the garden, which utilise a neighbours pond, but froglets are few and far between these days.
It was good then to find one whilst sorting out the traps in the morning. On the downside, it was sitting on the slab next to the trap and looks to have picked up the habit from the adults that often linger next to the trap for an easy meal.
This one was barely out of its tail, you can see clover petals in the photo for scale. Click for a very big version - feel free to use as desktop background.

Budding Frog

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