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Saturday, 12 June 2021

From the Garden Trap 11/06/2021

Yes, I completely lost the will to come up with tenuous, witty or cryptic blog post titles. Here's three from last night, in a trap bulging with NFY species - if not numbers of individuals!

Varied Coronet - less than annual here, rarely more than one in a year and all singles since 2002

Coronet - this went from VC55 rarity to common in decent sites in the early 2000s. There was one record from 1977, until we had a couple at Clipsham Quarry on 11th July 2003. On 26th July 2008, I had 66 on one night at Pickworth Wood, and by then it was starting to turn up in gardens etc. In my garden it has quickly gone from NFG in 2016 to annual trap fodder.

Treble-bar - much less than annual, this is the 7th record and individual

Always worth checking the claspers ....

Seeing as a coronet is a type of horn, horns are more treble than bass, and in recognition of a great band that I'm looking forward to seeing in Oct (new album in Sep), here's a horny ditty that'll make you tap your feet.

post-script - arse, I'm thinking of cornet. Oh well.

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Alastair said...

Good moths great track, love it!