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Friday, 11 November 2011

Brilliant ...

.. is my one-word review of the excellent new book by Colin Hart.

Just got my copy this evening thanks to the combined efforts of Keith Tailby who picked it up at the BENHS Exhibition at the weekend, and Adrian Russell who delivered to me whilst out on and about. Many thanks both.

The plates in this book are superb, showing specimens at both life-size and in excellent blown up detail. This is just what we need for such groups, and what the Pugs book by Riley & Prior should have been! The text and keys will be invaluable, and a lot more plumes will be confidently identified now (and Colin can have a rest from endless queries and specimens being sent to him).

This book should be on the book shelf of every lepidopterist (and pan-lister).


The Leicester Llama said...

Excellent. That should hopefully improve my plume ID skills beyond pentadactyla/monodactyla/acanthadactyla/don't know!

Mark G. Telfer said...

Agreed - Colin Hart should be a very proud man!