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Saturday, 13 August 2011


I've updated the moths lists which are over there on the right:

The 2011 garden list currently stands at 342 species with an additional 5 TBC.
The overall 2011 list currently stands at 572 species with an additional 8 TBC.

The garden macro list is now 300 with another one TBC.
The garden micro list has swelled to 306 with an additional 5 TBC.

No movement on the British macro list (still 494 species), but the British micro list is now up to 547 with an additional 6 TBC.

I've never got around to compiling my VC55 lists (which obviously will be a fair bit higher than the garden lists, but equally sort of the British lists) something I'll sort out during the colder mothless months - like July and August!

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