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Monday, 1 August 2011

Corrr - look at the mandibles on that!

Nipped into Warwick Castle on the way home from Devon yesterday for a brief stop. Couldn't resist a look at the various raptors that are flown in displays there (they always have a few different birds on show). Sadly we were too late for the actual display on this visit, but it was still good to see the birds up close - especially as center-stage was this ....

Steller's Sea Eagle - awesome

Absoloutely massive - made the accompanying White-tailed Eagle and Bald Eagle look like Merlins. All of the birds below are perched on the same sized post.

White-tailed Eagle - pathetic
Incidentally, this is what they look like Dave ....

Bald Eagle - a bit more like it, but still a bit 'cute' looking

Steller's Sea Eagle - aarrrghhh - run for your lives

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davidearlgray said...

Ive seen one now! Can I tick it?