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Monday, 9 May 2011


No mothing last night, so here's a few more flowery bits from last week - the first three from Merry's Meadow on 02/05/2011, and the last one from Watermead CP South on 30/04/2011.

Green-Winged Orchid

Adder's-tongue Fern

Yellow Rattle - not yet flowering

Common Bistort


abbey meadows said...

Green winged Orchids are extinct up here. Adders tongue and Bistort are more local but a bit early. Nice pics of the caterpillars on the previous post.

Skev said...

Thanks Nigel. Green-winged Orchid is rare here in VC55 too - only 3 current sites, all in Rutland / NE Leics. I only saw them this year as this site is on the way back from Pickworth Great Wood where I was moth-trapping. Not sure about the current status of Bistort here - it was only found in 9 of the 617 VC55 tetrads back in a floral survey in 1979.

davidearlgray said...

Cheers Mark for the plant ID,I have wondered what that plant was at Watermead CP South for the last couple of years!