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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Fine Foxy Female

Another overnight mothing effort last night, this time at Charnwood Lodge with Adrian Russell. Lots of things in pots to photograph, and 12 traps worth of digital dictaphone to transcribe. Overall species mix was pretty good though numbers were low. Ahead of all that it's worth mentioning that we managed to record one of our targets, though we were probably a week or two early for the usual VC55 flight seasons for the others (Glaucous Shears, Beautiful Snout and Red-necked Footman). The one we did record was this ...

Fox Moth

Okay it's a drab grey-brown looking female with not much charisma, but in VC55 terms this is a mega. We recorded it here in 2006 which was the first VC55 record since the 70's, and despite it's nationally common status we get it nowhere else.


Stewart said...

Its common on the coast up here Mark so its a garden poss, but I've not had one yet. In our dune areas the caterpillars are all over the place. In Scotland I caught one on blanket bog habitat.

Anonymous said...

Ticked my first at Arne the other day!