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Friday, 6 May 2011

300 Up (ish)

Haven't posted any garden mothing updates recently. Mainly as there have hardly been any trap summaries to post. Last night was a slight improvement though, and the catch included a new micro for the garden. With the micro list standing at 296 + 3 almost certain additions pending gen det, then this will technically be the 300th garden micro. So - what was it? A really smart Pyralid, or one of the really colourful and metallic species ....

err, no. It was this

Capua vulgana

Not the smartest tortrix, but a new one for the garden all the same. Tonight looks like being the best mothing conditions for a long while so I'm hopeful of a decent garden catch to make a worthwhile update tomorrow.


Stewart said...

Good Luck Mark, I was over the moon with last nights haul..

Bennyboymothman said...

Yes! I got one of those too last night! Capua vulgana, a new one for me as well.