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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Retrospective County First

Way back on 25/06/2009, I enjoyed an excellent night mothing with Adrian Russell and Ron Follows at Clipsham Quarry - see these links to remind yourself:

Summary & Scenery
Moth Photos

In one of my traps (trap 5), there were four small tortricids that didn't look immediately familar. They looked to be one of the Cochylis spp., so I potted one up to check in Razowski. I convinced myself that it was Cochylidia heydeniana, which would be a new species for me and VC55. Hoping for a quick independent confirmation, I posted a photo on the UK Micros forum with details of the wingspan (9mm), site and date but no pointers to my suspected ID.

The plea attracted no response from anyone out of county. Even when I re-posted specifically asking if it could be C. heydeniana, no one was prepared to comment. The specimen was sadly resigned to the gen. det. in the future pile and there it stayed until recently. This evening I've received confirmation from Jon Clifton that it is indeed C. heydeniana. Excellent.

Despite there having been a handful of keen micro recorders in VC55 over the years, it wasn't so long ago that adding new micros to the county list was a relatively frequent incident. They seem to be harder to come by now so very pleased to add another.

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