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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Going to the flicks

Been to the cinema twice over the last week with the boys.

Firstly, I took them to see the Saturday morning matinee showing of a film we missed first time up. It's a kids film, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. A good story, great CGI animation and anatomically correct Owls (well, just about). Well worth a watch.

This afternoon we went to see this:

Another great film, though the 3D element was sparse to say the least. Good storyline, superb special effects, and a great soundtrack by Daft Punk BTW.

Coming up in the next few weeks - I'll be going to see these.


Anonymous said...

My sort of movies....all based on 'fact' of course...[chuckle]...!

Be interesting to see what sort of job they've made of bringing 'Thor' to the big screen..[i've got many of the original Thor Marvel Comics]...

It still amazes me to see all of my childhood heroes coming to life..Spiderman...X-Men etc.. marvel character they haven't brought to the silver screen yet...which i think would be Dr.Strange...[he would mash up Harry Potter and leave him in a ditch with his stupid wand sticking out of his stupid arse]...

Merry Christmas...Userbeast..

Skev said...

Absolutely Colin - these are the kind of factual dramas that I thoroughly enjoy.

A couple of comic book characters I'd really like to see portrayed in film are Slaine and Nemesis from 2000AD - highly unlikely I imagine.